2012 Build, Design and Play your own SwinGame

Imagine, Design and Create the Ultimate Arcade Game!

SwinGame 2012 is a games development competition for all Australian Secondary School students. It is your chance to win great prizes, gain real-world experience in software and games development and work on a fun creative project with your friends.

The SwinGame competition is an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your technical and design skills by creating a game using the SwinGame Software Development Kit to build an Arcade game.

The competition is open for Registration Now! You are required to submit your deliverables by 5.30pm on Friday 3rd August, 2012.

This year's prizes are:

  • 1st prize is $1,000 cash for the team or individual student
  • 2nd prize is $500 cash for the team or individual student
  • 3rd prize is $250 cash for the team or individual student

The winning teams or individuals will be announced at Swinburne's Open Day, 2012 - Hawthorn Campus.

Start creating your game now and impress us with your skills. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us or register and use the forum. 

For further details please read the terms and conditions.

Submit your Swingame Application

Submit your Swingame Application

Simply zip/compress your Swingame application, ensure you include all resources for your game and an explanation how to play your game. Optionally you can include a small bio.

Email your file to swingame@swin.edu.au