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About Animation

SwinGame allows you to create complex animations very easily, To get started here are a few things you need to know about Animations.

About Audio

All about audio covers the background information you will need to get started with audio in your SwinGame. This will introduce you to the file formats supported, along with general information about loading and playing music and sound effects.

About Bundles

SwinGame has bundles that allow you to load many resources at once. This will get you started making and using your own bundles.

About Camera

This will show you how SwinGame's camera can be used to create cool games.  

About Color

SwinGame allows you to create your own custom colors using a variety of methods, this will teach you the basics of color, and color in SwinGame.

About Graphics

Swingame allows you to create arcade style games. To get started here are a few things you need to know about Graphics.

About Gui's

Learn all about how user interfaces in SwinGame work, and how you can create your own. 

About Image Rotation

About Image Rotation

About Images

SwinGame has a range of functions and procedures allowing you to manipulate and draw images in a variety of formats. This will get you started using Images in SwinGame. 

About Input

SwinGame's input operations allow you to respond to the user's actions. You can respond to mouse and keyboard actions, read text from the user, and find out if they have closed the window.

About Physics

Physics in SwinGame is used to check collisions between objects as well as perform collisions between objects.  

About Resources

Resources used by SwinGame to show Animation, Fonts, Images, Maps, Panels and Sounds are stored in sub-folders of the Resources folder.

About Sprite Animation

All about Sprite animation

About Sprites

Sprites are a powerful way to combine a number of game concepts in an easy to use package, this will show you how you can use Sprites.

About Text

About Text

About the Game Loop

Learn all about the game loop and how it is used to create games using SwinGame.

About Timer

About Timers