Getting Started

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If you have not already chosen a language to develop your game in you should check out the languages supported by SwinGame below. If you are currently already learning a language you should pick that one, otherwise feel free to choose.


Starting with SwinGame

Before you start developing your game, you should experiment with the SwinGame API and see the sorts of things that are possible. There are a number of HowTos that you can use that will show you how to use SwinGame to achieve your goals. You can also read About SwinGame, these guides will help you learn about how SwinGame works, and why things like the game loop are necessary, and how animation works.

You should have a look at:

Create your own SwinGame

Designing Your Game

With the SwinGame SDK installed you can move on to designing and implementing your game. You want to make your game fun, and playable. The SwinGame API can be used to create a variety of 2D games from classic arcade games, role playing games, scrolling shooters, you are really only limited by your imagination ... and time!

  1. Imagine a game you want to develop. We suggest keeping it simple and focusing on making it work really well. You can discuss your ideas with us on the SwinGame forum.

  2. Get a team together to work on the game. Remember it's good if you can put a team together that can cover software development as well as resource creation for your images, music, and sound effects.

  3. Design your game

Making Your Game

In order to succeed with SwinGame we recommend that you:

  • Start with a simple idea. A basic version of the game with only the essential features.

  • Get this version of the game working, and make it work really well.

  • Then expand your game. Start adding those extra features, testing as you go.

If you focus on the essential features first you will be able to create a playable version sooner. Get it working, then show it to your friends, announce it on the forums, and start getting feedback. You can then begin adding features, and the extras that make the game truly awesome!

You will also need to get to work creating resources for your games, these include images, music, and sound effects. You can find some resources online that are available for free:

Distributing Your Game

SwinGames are designed to be shared. The instructions on the SDKs will tell you how to distribute your game. In most cases its just a case of packaging up the files in the bin folder... If you want to share your games on the SwinGame site send your game to Andrew at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll promote your game on our site.

Need Help?

Need help with your SwinGame? Use the forum to post up questions about your game design, to report bugs, or to get any general programming help. You can also use the forums to let us know a little about what you are doing with your game and any ideas you have for extending SwinGame.