.NET Visual Studio

This HowTo will guide you through the steps required to set up your development environment for .NET (C#, or Visual Basic) on Windows. It will also help you set up your first SwinGame project.

  • Install Visual Studio
  • Get SwinGame


Install Visual Studio

Before using any .NET version of SwinGame you need Visual Studio, it is recommended you download the 2010 edition. The express version can be found here. Run the installer to install Visual Studio, this is going to be your IDE for .NET and SwinGame.

.NET Installer

Get SwinGame

Now that Visual Studio is setup we need to get the SwinGame project template, this template is the one that you will use to develop your games with. You can find the C# or Visual Basic templates in the Downloads section.

Now that you've downloaded the template installer, you need to run it. This installer will add the SwinGame templates to Visual Studio allowing you to easily create SwinGame projects.

SwinGame Installer

You can now create a SwinGame project in the New Project menu, this will set up everything you need to start a new SwinGame game.

Creating a new SwinGame project

Your game should now be ready! Just hit F5 to run.

Running a SwinGame project